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I got this post from The Barefoot Runners Society. More specifically, this is a post by a fellow barefoot runner named Matt. I can’t find his own blog site (if he actually has any). I hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing his post.


“No, I’m Not”

This is in response to the woman who was running in the opposite direction the past Sunday morning — “No, I’m not.”

Huh? Well, as she passed me (I had been running ahead of her for 1/2 mile or so before I turned around, and we passed going oposite directions), we exchanged quick “good mornings”, then she got in a “You’re awesome!” as I was already past her.

I’m 99% sure this was because I’m not a shod runner.

But I didn’t really have time to explain how wrong she was.

I don’t run this way for any good reason, other than the fact that I failed miserably as a runner in shoes. So when I, out of desperation, tried out barefoot running a few years ago, it wasn’t out of some act of triumph. It was an acknowledgement of my complete failure as a shod runner. I had given up fighting the pain. I had pretty much given up on running.

Okay, so for the most part, going barefoot has been a good thing, and I’m now much more of a runner than I ever was before.

But I’m not “awesome”. If I was, I would be able to run in shoes.

I don’t run barefoot to be special or to stand out or to accomplish anything. I run barefoot just to run.



I found this post very interesting. It’s like we’re on the same boat regarding why we are running without shoes. I, too, am not “awesome” or “hard core” or “astig” or “idol”. I just want to keep running.


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Minimalist Footwear Reviews! Really Nice Document   Leave a comment

Admittedly, there are instances when running without any shoes on can become unsafe or impractical. Fortunately, we have many options nowadays to still run while maximizing ground feedback to the feet. Yep, I’m talking about minimalist shoes, folks.

I know that many (probably most) of the footwear reviewed here are not available here in the Philippines. Good thing almost all of us Pinoys have relatives abroad.

Go balikbayan box!



-pdf c/o Barefoot TJ, taken from the Barefoot Runners Society

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Good Reads (part 2)   Leave a comment

And for those of you who wants to (God forbid!) try running barefoot, here’s another great resource.

A snippet:

Why do people run barefoot? Here are some common reasons:

* Do not enjoy running, looking for something to make it fun

* Strengthen feet

* Hope to reduce injuries

* Inspired by books such as “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall

* Reminiscent of childhood

* Don’t like the feeling of sweaty, smelly socks and shoes

* Long-time runners looking for a new challenge

* Want to run in a more natural way

* Simplify life

Whatever your reason, remember that running barefoot (or in minimal shoes) is a fundamentally different activity than running in shoes. Make your transition gradual. Read this whole tutorial before you start. And have fun!

Read the complete article here.

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