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The 21k Training Plan   Leave a comment


This is my sort of 8 week 21k training plan for the first leg of Run United. I think it’s a great plan, with weekly difficulty progressing as I get closer to race day. Got this from here. I think I’ve been reasonably faithful in following the schedule. I just had to move the rest days around because of work and family related things, but I was able to do all the required runs within the required weeks.

I just have problems with the pace requirements. I feel like doing a 7:40 pace for a long run (even a 7:33) is too short. I know I’m supposed to “follow the plan” to help raise my endurance. But it’s just too slow my form suffers a bit, making my ankles hurt.

During two of my rest days, I do a kettlebell routine that I found in YouTube for cross training. The routine’s not really specific for runners, just for beginners for overall body toning.

I bought a 20lb kettlebell even though the internet says most beginner men would begin with a 35 – 40lb kettlebell. Tried it but found that I can’t lift it effectively with one hand, which some exercises in the video shows I need to do.  So I got a lighter kettlebell. That was a humbling experience. It seemed I had a lot less body strength than the average male beginner. But that’s ok. Everyone had to start somewhere, right?

By the way, I also plan on learning (yes, learning!) to swim starting tomorrow. I’ve been looking for useful information on the internet since I can’t afford to pay for a real trainer. Piece of cake.

So this is it. My training plan for the next 5 weeks. I’m feeling good about this. 🙂


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