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Has it really been 3 years since my last post?! Wow. I already forgot that I had this blog. I was lucky Chrome saved my username and password. So why am I resurrecting this blog?

I thought the direction of this blog needs to to shift a little bit. Aside from just being about my running experiences, I thought I’ll tell you guys about my journey towards weight loss and generally just being more fit. And happy. I’m into that now. But the blog will still be mostly about running. I love running. And I do think it was running that was the most instrumental in making me lose a lot of weight before.


So what has happened the past 3 years in terms of my running? 6 half marathons under the belt, thank you very much. With a 2:18 PR. And all done barefoot, too! Not bad but a sub 2:00 would be nice. I also did a few 10Ks.

But the past half year, my running took a back seat to daily life responsibilities (which translates to “I got very lazy”). I was only able to run maybe once a week, at best. I began eating a lot (more than usual, which was already a lot). Now my weight’s up and believe me, the added weight is not because of bigger muscle.

I’m back on track now and running almost every day again. The new cardio room installed in our office, which has a couple of treadmills, helps. Not ideal because I still prefer the open road, but definitely better than nothing since it’s been raining a lot lately. I’m still unable to do long runs during the weekends. My alarms are set (yep, all four of them to make sure that I actually wake up) for this Sunday.

Here’s a fairly recent picture of me at 163 lbs. The goal is to get back to being below 150 lbs, and this time stay there. As a 35-year old that loves to eat, my work is cut out for me. Wish me luck.




Posted July 9, 2016 by Barefoot Yayan in musings

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