Barefooting the EDSA Run 2011   Leave a comment

I am proud to be Filipino.

And if I’d make a list of reasons why, I’d put “the EDSA revolution” as the first on the list. I was only 4 years old during the first EDSA revolution, and my parents never really talked about their experiences then. But in my heart, I knew I missed something. Something very important to me as a Filipino, and as a human being.

People can argue about how nothing has changed since then, that we are still dirt poor, corruption is still rampant in our country. But I know there are improvements, albeit maybe smaller than what people were expecting. But I’m sure it’s still A LOT better than how we were as a people before People Power.

So when I heard about the EDSA Run, I knew instantly that I’d be running this race. I guess I decided it was somehow my duty. And I’m glad I did.

The run was a lot of fun, and quite challenging. The long uphills were just killers!

I decided to follow barefootjosh‘s advice and went to the back most of the pack. I was determined to follow his rule to not allow anybody that I passed to get past me, which I’m happy to say I was able to do. Well, at least right until the last 20 meters or so of the race when a runner belonging to the military contingent was able to get a second wind and ran past me as we crossed the finish line.

I salute you, sir!

By the way, although I passed a couple of runners on their VFFs, I didn’t see anyone else running barefoot. Bummer..


That’s my chip time after finishing the 5k race, a new PR for me, although I was gunning for a sub-25 finish. My previous 5k PR was [unofficially] 28:05. More than one full minute improvement! Yey!


1. Great route, although only a short section of the race actually had us running along EDSA.

2. Azkals!

3. A firetruck along the route was dropping confetti. A very nice touch.

4. Being part of EDSA People Power.

5. Good supply of hydration.

6. Many freebies.

7. Free shirt was too big, with no size options.

Overall, it was a simple and fun race with a great cause and history behind it. I will definitely join again next year.


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