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While rearranging some of my stuff in an attempt to clean, I saw something which reminded me of how much pain I was in when I was still running in shoes. Something I was using before each time I went out for a run (which was almost everyday). And they are… medical tapes!

I used to tape ever so gently both my index toes before running because I developed really painful blisters on them, since they kept rubbing the big and middle toes while I run. And there’s a trick to putting them on, too, since the tapes shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose. It was a very tedious process which often involved trial and error.

Yes, I am blessed with wide, fan-like feet, which I’m pretty sure I got from my mother’s side of the family. This made the shoes I was wearing just become too narrow when my feet started to naturally expand after a few kilometers of running. And even when I was wearing wider shoes, the socks I had on still kept my toes squeezed together, and make them rub against each other.

Since running barefoot, my duck feet (and the toes) were set free and I have never suffered this injury. Good times!


Posted January 6, 2011 by Barefoot Yayan in injuries

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