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The new year has arrived, and so it’s time again to make our new year’s resolutions. Since this is a running blog of sorts, I’ll list my running plans for the year 2011.

1. Finish the full marathon event in QCIM 3, which would somehow complete my QCIM running journey since the first QCIM was my first race (10k) ever, QCIM 2 was my first 21k and QCIM 3 would be the first 42k. Yey!

2. Run the longest distances in ALL THREE Runrio Trilogy Series runs (21k, 21k, 35k) for the year. I’ve never joined a Runrio event.

3. Run the Corregidor International Half-Marathon 2011. I hate that I missed last year’s, but I knew I was not ready for it so I guess that was a bit OK.

4. Volunteer in at least one running event to give back to the running community. Even being a waterboy will do!

5. Run at least one parent-child tandem running event. 2010 saw a couple of running events with this category. I’m sure Diwata will just love it.

These five should last me the whole year. Of course, I will continue with the Runnex running clinic. And yep, this will be a very expensive running year for me (and Michel since I intend to make her join me). But I have a plan to address this. Kuripot mode ON!

It’s looking like a good running year already.



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