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the 21k finisher's medal

A REALLY late post! Well actually, I have been planning to write about my experience during the QCIM but the activities during the holidays just stopped me. It’s not that I didn’t have any time, it’s just that I’ve been lazy. And that explains why I’m not able to remember a lot of the details about the event. Hehe..

Note: Finisher’s medal courtesy of Ged Garcia

Claiming of Race Kits

I was finally able to get race kits for qcim2 November 23. no XS-sized singlets for Michel (what she ordered). Apparently, they didn’t produce XS sizes even though it was one of the options in the race registration form. She got an S-sized singlet instead. There was also no Championchip for 10k (we had one last year).

Stuff inside the Race Kit (there’s also the race bib and race course map, but I wasn’t able to take pictures of them):

the timing chip

the singlet

Note: Race kit stuff pictures courtesy of Rex Tan

A Run with Friends

Before the run, I already knew that I would not be gunning for a good time. My intention was just to have fun running with my Runnex running buddies. A great decision because had fun, we did. It definitely made finishing a lot more fulfilling. There’s really nothing like crossing the finish line being cheered on by family and friends.


my running buddies!


This was it. My longest barefoot run ever. 23k. 23K is a distance that’s really far for me. For one thing, it’s a couple of kilometers longer than a half marathon. Imagine, the original EDSA MRT track is only 17k. It’s like running from the Trinoma station all the way to the Taft Avenue station, then running all the way to MOA and back to the Taft Avenue MRT station.

Yes, it was really supposed to just be 21k but there was a problem with the race distance and it turned out to be 23k. A lot of runners complained about that (because they were really concerned about getting a PR). The turn around should have only been by Batasan rather than Dona Carmen.

I’m glad to say that my naked feet never failed me that day. I didn’t suffer any injuries at all. Just look at that smile on my face. I was even able to do a little sprint towards the finish line!

It felt really weird when race marshalls kept shouting “go, barefoot runner!” when I passed them by. To all of you, a great big thank you. Your encouragements really lifted a lot of the fatigue and helped to push me to keep on running.

Sad to say, even though I saw a couple of runners sporting VFFs, I didn’t see anyone else running barefoot. Well, except for this guy who took off his shoes during the race. Go go go!

Note: Pictures courtesy of Bossing Carlo Arcenal


One of thie bigger complaints the first QCIM received was hydration. Apparently, those runners that ran the longer distances didn’t have enough water available for them running close to the finish line.

I’m sure nobody who joined this race can say that now. There was just too much water! And not just water, Powerade was also overflowing.

The hydration stations were also regularly placed along the route and even though you don’t bring your own hydration when you ran this race, I’m sure that even way before the first sign of thirst, you would have already seen the next water station. Yes, they were that many.

Aside from hydration, Bananas were also available in certain aide stations. I wasn’t able to get any, but it was a great touch.

Oh, the Rolling Hills!

I ran the first QCIM so I knew what to expect when running along Commonwealth. I knew what to expect, but that doesn’t mean I found it easy. The inclines were just too long. Fortunately, the reverse is also correct. The downhills were lengthy too. And this time, I was able to run on top of the..

Tandang Sora Fly Over

This was the first rime that I was able to run on top of a fly over. I was very thankful of the uphil training I did prior, which definitely helped running up the fly over.


Much like last year, QCIM 2 was dominated again by the Kenyans, bagging most (if not all) awards. Many Pinoy runners didn’t like that. But I don’t see anything wrong about it. I mean, this should be a challenge for our local runners to train more so that they can compete better with these foreign athletes. It’s a sport, after all.

the mighty Kenyans

Note: Pictures courtesy of Henry Ren

The Mandatory Race Pros and Cons List


1. Lots of water stations.

2. Great route. There’s still nothing like running along the very wide Commonwealth Ave.

3. Traffic along the route was well managed (compared to last year’s).

4. Free Photovendo and Runpics Analysis.

5. Sprinkler along the route.

6. Great running marshalls and marching bands along the route.


1. Inaccurate distance for the half marathon. I didn’t mind it, but it was still a huge deal to many runners.

2. No timing chip for distances below 21k.


My race time: 2:52 chip time. Actually, my goal was just to finish earlier than 2:45 so I just made sure that I was always running ahead of the 2:45 race pacer. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened, the 2:45 race pacer crossed the finish line way above the 3-hour mark. So my strategy was not effective at all! Also my fault though, I should have brought a watch with me.

By the way, Michel joined the 10k event and finished at a very impressive 1:24 time. Very proud of you, Mommy!

See you guys on QCIM 3 when I will run the full marathon!


sole mates?


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