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Last Sunday, my wife, Michel, was finally able to join the Runnex running clinic in UP Diliman. Yey! Ahem, not to offend anyone, but I would have to say she was also the prettiest woman there. Double yey!

And just in time to train for the QCIM2 this December, too! I’m sure she’d be able to finish a 10k by then, or at least a 5k. But we’ll (read: I’ll) push her so she’d do 10k. I might get a right hook from her for that, but what the hell.

To answer a question you might have, she will not be “following my footsteps” and start running barefoot. I have no issues with that. Promise!

Although if she chooses to on her own.. Nuninu..

So for now, that means she would need better shoes. The ones she used last Sunday were basic “pamporma” Converse shoes we bought a number of years ago. She said she felt that the shoes weren’t allowing her to run well because it wasn’t bending enough, thus impeding her movement. She also complained about the shoes’ stability especially when she had to land on the sides of her feet during the ladder drills.

So we’ll be heading out to a running store soon. Come to think of it, I’ve never been to an actual running shoe store before. I think I find the video gait analysis they do to help them suggest “the right shoe for you” (sorry, folks, can’t help but put quotes on that) very interesting. And I also heard one need not buy anything right then and there even after they do the analysis. Maybe I’ll try that out!

Good stuff.

As expected, her inexperienced calves were hurting Sunday afternoon. But other than that, she had no shin splints, joint or knee pain. A day after, she said her calves were still hurting but the pain was more bearable. RICE should do the trick. She should be ready for another round of running clinic fun next Sunday.

We can’t wait!


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