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no, this is not EDSA 4

I never saw so many runners in one place. It was like another EDSA “revolution” (EDSA Quatro o Cinco?) A big upside for me though was that my family was there to cheer me on. I had to wake them up really early but they were very supportive. The wife even allowed me to run barefoot (I love you, Mama!).

Michel took this

The 5k, I think, turned out to be more than 6k because I had to weave in and out of crowds in a futile effort to run the whole race. Er, if I cut anyone reading this during the run, sorry. I had this stupid idea that if I run fast enough, I would MAYBE outrun the walkers so that at least the last 2km would be walker-free. I WAS WRONG!

Up to the last meter, there was a friggin walker.

80% of the people that joined were either walking on purpose or was forced to walk (because of walkers). It was crazy. I saw people wearing bags, taking pictures (with posing!), holding hands, holdng umbrellas, eating, talking and texting on their cellhones!

i wasn’t even able to go to any water station because of the sheer number of people crowding them! I had to run the whole 5k event without any hydration. Good thing I was able to get as much cold Milo as I want. Yum!

To top it off, I thought the starting line was the finish line (I don’t know why I thought that) so I stopped and walked when I crossed it. After a minute, I got curious why a lot of other runners were still running.. T_T

Anyways, I still finished with a sub-30 (even with the wall of people!) so I’m not very disappointed.

But even with the sheer number of people, for some reason, I never felt excitement from the large crowd that I was engulfed in. Most of them are busy doing their own thing, mindless of what the hosts of the event was saying. Instead of the running festival, which I’m sure the organizers intended, as it should be because this is THE Milo Marathon, it turned out to be a simple perya for us 5k and 3k runners.

I had mixed feelings about it. Glad because of the number of people supporting the advocacy, but sad at the same time because the elitist in me (yes, I’m trying to control the motherf****r) was yelling “sacrilege!”. I kept reminding myself it was expected. The Milo Marathon is notorious for having an Alay Lakad for it’s short distance categories. And with the P100 (P50 for students) entry fee, no wonder most people that wanted to support the advocacy decided to join the 5k/3k events.

So I guess in summary, if you’re a going to run the Milo Marathon to set PRs, enjoy the great and challenging route (10 flyovers for the 42k!) or just TO RUN, join the longer distances like the half or the full marathon. You won’t regret it. Hey, P500 for these race categories are already cheap compared to the other races nowadays.

Well it was definitely an experience. I’ll see you guys again next year.

some of my running buddies


By the way, I heard somebody was rushed to the hospital while running the 21k and soon thereafter died, apparently heatstroke that turned to multiple organ failures possibly due to a massive stroke. Condolences to the family of the deceased.


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