34th National Milo Marathon   1 comment

If you’re a runner here in the Philippines, the Milo Marathon is surely the running event that you HAVE TO join. It’s something like a rights of passage, or maybe even an unwritten rule. The marathon has a lot of history, a lot of traditions.

Already registered for the 34th Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations which is happening this July 4. Just registered for the 5k event because it’s really cheap (P100 plus a Milo wrapper) and the miser in me didn’t want to shell out P500 which joining the other race events require. Maybe next year when I’m sure I can run the 21k event (or the full marathon, who knows, yes?)

I’m sure most of the my “race” would just be a walkathon since the Milo 5k (and sometimes even the 10k) event is notoriously known as an event with thousands of people joining. I’m definitely not expecting any PRs here.

To read more about the race, check the official website here.

You can’t beat the poster.

Another great run for an even greater cause. See you there!


Posted June 22, 2010 by Barefoot Yayan in marathons

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  1. interesting point

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