Isang Hakbang Pilipinas Unofficial Results 28:05   Leave a comment

After two weeks of waiting for a response, I guess it’s official: there won’t be any official results to be released for the run. I sent an email to the organizers two weeks ago asking about the results but they have not replied until now. A bit disappointing but, I guess, it’s expected. Anyway, it was for a great cause.

Almost forgot, finished the race barefoot at a couple of seconds after 28min. So just to be fair, I’ll unofficially set my finish time at 28:05. It was really weird when people were cheering me on during the finish. I guess it was crazy to see a barefoot runner (which I’m sure they thought was crazy, too).

It was sad that it was raining that day because I wasn’t able to bring the family along. It would have been great to have them with me during my birthday run.

I’m too lazy to recap how the run went so I’ll just provide my usual list. 😀



– free shirt instead of singlet (that’s my thing nowadays)

– oversupply of pocari sweat before, during and after the race

– cheap entry fee

– a rockband playing during the race

– nice program



– no kilometer markers

– no water (pocari sweat is nice but sometimes, water is better)

– only got a visor cap as a freeby


I’m sure I’ll be joining again next year. 😀


Posted June 21, 2010 by Barefoot Yayan in barefoot running, race results

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