Running Routes Through Google Maps part 2   Leave a comment

Except for the pink line, this map shows the barefoot routes I regularly take running from the office to EDSA, and vice versa, when I’m not running all the way to or from Cubao.

The blue line, the shortest, is just a little over 1k. It usually takes me about 7min doing an easy run and 12min if walking to “finish”. My fastest time is 4min.

The green line is more or less 2k. I haven’t been able to time myself running this route yet but it’s probably close to 13min. I need to get a sub-10min here before I move on to the next route.

Which is..

The pink line is a new route which I haven’t tried yet. It’s distance is supposedly close to 3k, based on Google Maps. Before the next race that I’m joining, probably by middle of May, I want to be able to get a sub-15 here. That way, I would be confident enough that I’d be able to get a sub-25 in the 5k race.

Who said I can’t do some wishful thinking?


Posted April 24, 2010 by Barefoot Yayan in barefoot running, running routes

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