Running Routes Through Google Maps part 1   Leave a comment

The red line in the picture shows my running route from the Cubao MRT station to our office, and vice versa. The MRT station is only about 300m away from our house so it’s a great place to start. The 300m serves as warm-up. Hehe..

I am always concerned about the pollution and always on the look out for pedestrians and ever-polite drivers in EDSA (especially those riding those pesky scooters). The pollution can be really bad when I run in the evenings (about 7pm coming to work) but not so much in the mornings (about 5am after work). I even encounter a lot of other runners and bikers in EDSA at that time.

One time I saw a group of soldiers that came out of Camp Aguinaldo and started running up the Santolan fly over. I so wanted to join them but I knew I can’t, I might get shot! Hehe..

Really rough computations (as in using a piece of cut paper as a ruler) show me that this distance is just a little more than 5k. My best time running this route is 26min (as per my now-broken, really-cheap digital watch), 7pm at maybe 75% 5k race effort, with minimalist shoes on. That includes waiting for the traffic light to change to cross the street (twice) and going over the ortigas footbridge. I’m guessing this is a little fast because most of the way is downhill. I haven’t been able to time my runs going the other way (thanks to said broken watch). I also have not tried running the whole distance barefoot yet.

Starting next week, maybe Tuesday, I’ll run home barefoot. I’ll keep you guys posted on how I did.



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