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Joining the Runnex running clinic has given me a lot of benefits. As a relatively new runner, it was a great venue to learn proper running form and techniques. Now that I am a (ahem) more-experienced runner, it’s a really nice place to meet and run with other runners; maybe even share some war stories. Nice people, professional advice and a great running venue all for free, you really can’t beat the price!

Now aside from the Runnex running clinic every Sunday at UP Diliman, we also now have the Nike running clinic in Ultra, Pasig City with no less than Coach Rio. Like the Runnex running clinic, this one is also open to all and there is still no enrollment fee.

Good times!


We’re bringing fast and sexy back this summer with the return of the Nike Running Training Clinics! After a short hiatus, Coach Rio and his coaching staff are back to help you get in shape and in form for your first race or your next PR!

 STILL NO ENROLLMENT FEES! Registration and entrance to the Ultra track oval, as well as usage of the Bonifacio High Street grounds, are still FREE so bring your newbie running friends along!

 Training venues are still the same but there’s a minor change with regards to the schedule. See you every Tueday, 6 to 9pm, at the Ultra Track Oval and every Thursday, same time, outside Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street. You can start and register anytime as long as the clinics are ongoing but please come on time. We encourage you to enjoy our FREE unlimited sessions but there’s no pressure to attend both sessions every week although you will experience maximum benefits if you train with us regularly. The sessions officially start TODAY, April 15, 2010 and will continue until further notice.

 We’ll help you kick ass and look great on your next race. Train smart with us at the Nike Running Training Clinic!


Posted April 20, 2010 by Barefoot Yayan in running clinic

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