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This is just a wonderful post.

I sure hope my boss doesn’t read this post though because I will be borrowing a lot of lines from it during my next promotion interview. Hehe..

Kidding aside, I can also see why most runners I know are successful business and family people. I sure I hope I can include myself in that category one of these days.

And I would like to highlight these lines (I know, Iknow; the original poster already did..):

“When you have a goal that is as huge as the marathon-it will “keep you honest.” It’s not like a smaller goal that you can announce and then put off or fake your way through. Once you sign up, commit months to training, and take your first step on race day-you better have done your homework.

The beauty of this is that it goes against 99% of the natural tendencies of our culture that favors gratification without effort or devotion. But is that kind of achievement ever as satisfying? Linda Hill once told me she loved the quote, “There is no glory in training, but there is no glory without training.” In no way is this more true than in running.”


Posted April 19, 2010 by Barefoot Yayan in musings

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