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Blogger is great but, unfortunately, the website is being blocked by our office’s firewall so I imported all my posts to here. Maybe this time I can update this blog more often (wishful thinking!).

Now onto the updates!

I have been joining the Runnex Discover Running series in UP Diliman Sunday mornings since it was launched last February and they have a 5k route that is really nice. For one thing, there are a lot less people in the way. Hehe.. Also it’s great to have a running route that is already measured at 5k. That should help with the training for my first 5k run which I hope to run without shoes on.

I’m not sure if they would allow non-members to join the Runnex run in May but since we are already training with them, I am really hoping that they would set aside a separate category for the running clinic participants. That would be a great graduation event when the Discover Running series ends mid-May.


Another future runner, Marcus Ryan, was born March 27, 2010. It might take a couple more years before he can actually join us during our runs but we are already very excited. Can’t wait!


As had been suggested by the things I have read on the Internet regarding transitioning to barefoot running, I went back to zero and slowly increased my barefoot running mileage. I am now able to run 3k without shoes on at a pretty decent rate (maybe about 6min/km) without experiencing any injuries at all. A little muscle pain here or there but nothing that was able to stop me from running the next day. I am also glad to say that I have not stepped on anything awful yet.


Posted April 15, 2010 by Barefoot Yayan in barefoot running, running clinic

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