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I have been into barefoot running for almost three months. The problem is, my wife is never happy about it. She would kill me if she knew how much barefoot running I do every week now (thus, the unquantified comment hehe..). I guess she’s like how everyone else is about running without shoes on; it was dangerous, stupid and crazy.

I can’t blame her. Manila streets can be brutal with all the stuff you would find on it. It’s not just the rocks, pebbles and thorns one has to look out for. Manila streets can be littered with crap (yep, dog poo), shards of glass and metal. When every step you make produces a force equal to two or three times your body weight, that up-side-down bottle cap could be your next worst nightmare.

Thankfully, I have a set of sensitive and highly complicated equipment to help in such situations, my eyes. If I see something on the ground I would rather not have lodged in the flesh of my feet, I just step beside it. Simple. Must be the reason why there has never been any documented incident of a barefoot runner not being able to run because of lacerated feet (ouch!).

But what happens when it’s just too dark or when the road is just too rough or too hot for my not-yet-so-calloused feet? I’m screwed, yes? Admittedly, yes, I would be. But that was before I bought my new running shoes last Saturday.

My new running shoes are not what you would expect. For one thing, they’re not “running shoes”. I bought a pair of Planet aqua-shoes. Yep, you read that right, aqua-shoes. The footwear I think swimmers and boat people (which I’m neither) wear when they’re doing their thing. Hehe..

I love these new shoes. One, they sort of look like the usual shoes so other people don’t feel uncomfortable when they see you tippy-tapping your way with naked feet; two, they are so flexible you can roll them like you would with your socks and stuff them in your pockets; three, the mesh material is breathable; and four, they only cost P175 in SM!

That’s right, for less than P200, I got myself a great pair of minimalist shoes. Suck on that, Nike Free (P3500), New Balance MR800 (P3500), Vibram Five FIngers (not available locally but would cost about P6000 including shipping charges), Newton Shoes (P7500) and Tera Plana Vivo’s (P4000)!

But still, almost naked feet are still NOT naked feet. These shoes are for “emergency use only”.


Posted February 10, 2010 by Barefoot Yayan in barefoot running, shoes

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