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It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog and I only have one excuse I can think of. I lost Internet connection since moving to the new apartment. Well, yes, it was still there but the speed is so awful that just thinking about logging into the Internet feels like a chore now. For people who want to know, I am using Globe Tattoo. But it’s not the provider, I think there’s just too much interference that signal cannot go through. My computer was basically transformed to just being a docking station for my PSP games and MP3s. Oh well, that’s another story and has very little to do with my running so we’ll skip that.

So the updates:

It looks like my last post was about the Celebrity Run. Well, a good many things happened after that run. To be clearer, something quite significant — and painful — happened after that run. Within 6 hours after the run, my right knee hurt really bad I couldn’t walk. For the next two hours, even moving my leg was excruciatingly painful.

This was a new thing for me. I mean, my calves and thighs would hurt after runs, for days even, but never the knees. And for the pain to last hours? That was not real. Or I hoped it wasn’t real. Was it the downhills I almost flew down on the run? Was it lack of stretching? Was it lack of training because since I was moved to the night shift a few weeks back, I was only able to squeeze in a few runs here and there?

I could see my running career (sic) running away (pun not intended) from me.

Like I said, the pain lasted a couple of hours. That time. For the next weeks, my right knee would sting intermittently especially when I had to use the stairs. If going up the stairs were painful, going down was hell.

So I did what most sensible runners do when they encounter pain. I RICE-ed my knee. Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. Oh, yeah, if sysmptoms persist, consult your doctor. But that was more of a footnote. For the next three weeks, I didn’t run. Whenever I can, I wrapped a frozen towel on my knee then rested it on a stool to keep it elevated. Then January 17 came and I was ready to test drive my running legs again.

That Sunday, our family went to QC Circle for my nephew’s and brother-in-law’s birthday. I figured I would take advantage of the situation and put in a few minutes of easy run. Five minutes went by, no pain. 10 minutes, zilch. 15 minutes, still nothing. I was feeling really good about the run when a couple of minutes later, about minute 18, a sharp pain shot from my knee up to my temples. It took all my concentration not to fall on the pavement and have all these kids in bicycles run me over. I wobbled to our table and told my wife, “I think I need to see the doctor.”

Next day, Monday, I went to the hospital to see an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor did a few presses on several parts of my knee, flexed it a bit then gave me a prescription for anti-inflammatory pills, which should also help with the pain, and a request for an MRI.

The MRI took 45 minutes to finish. It was a relaxing lying-down-surrounded-by-a-big-magnetic-camera-that-sounds-like-there’s-a-midget-inside-playing-with-a-jackhammer session. We even had to repeat because my knee jerked when I was about to fall asleep. I just thought, “oh, crap, I hope they didn’t see that.” Of course they saw it.

I only got the results last thursday and I haven’t been able to go back to the doctor yet. Anyways, the MRI results (a really heavy package that came with lots of pictures and a CD) said there weren’t any fractures or swellings found. I guess that’s a good thing but I still want to go back to the doctor. If only my schedule would give me a window.

So for now, I have been taking the pills the doctor prescribed. I don’t know if it was helping because, aside from the pills, I have been doing some knee exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knees. Either way, I haven’t been feeling that pain on my knee so far so that’s good. Everyday now, I run painfree. My running career yet lives.


Posted February 4, 2010 by Barefoot Yayan in injuries

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