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01:01:01.. that’s my unofficial cellphone stopwatch time.. hehe.. a huge improvement from my 01:09:51 10k performance last QCIM.

This was the first time that I was able to run in The Fort and I have to say McKinley Hills really blows.. the inclines were just killers. I blame them for not hitting my sub-1hour target. Hehe..

Seriously though, I am very satisfied with my performance although, of course, there are some regrets about maybe I could have gotten a better time if I did something differently. But all in all, still a great run to cap my running year.

On to the race. I was a bit disappointed about the number of celebrities that I recognized. I was only able to see a handful: Mark Bautista, Rosebud Benitez (really hot and pretty), Rovilson Fernandez, Ronnie Ricketts and my wife said she saw Michelle Madrigal (which I missed, demmet!).

It was a simple, straight-up run. There weren’t very many activities on the side and the emcees weren’t really very interesting. It seemed like everyone was just there to run so that’s what we did. There were adequate water stations, though, and running marshals were everywhere. A big downside though was there weren’t much freebies. My wife told me there were a lot but they ran out very quickly. She also said there were people that weren’t even runners that were able to get lots of stuff. Oh well..

It really sucked, too, that it rained; it really ruined the photo opportunities with the celebs. But here’s the money shot.



Posted December 21, 2009 by Barefoot Yayan in marathons, race results

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