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One of the reasons why this blog is titled The Urban Poor Runner is I kind of want this to be some sort of guide on how to keep running “on a budget”, which for the times we have now, usually means almost no budget.

With that said, I can’t afford to buy “real” running shoes. Er, I guess I can, but if I do, then other important things will just have to be put on the back seat for maybe a couple of months; like food, rent and Diwata’s tuition.

Last Sunday, I found out that the shoes I am running with, and used for the QCIM, cost only P250. I was actually thinking that it cost about P600 or something. Maybe a little less, but definitely not P250. My wife bought it as a gift when she saw that my old Fila shoes were already falling to pieces, the Fila shoes I have had for close to three years before I had to retire them were also gifts from her.

I like my new shoes, they look and feel nice. They were gifts from my father in law, after all.


I have no idea what kind of Nike shoes these are, there are no labels or anything but these:


yep, that’s the Michelin Man

Thanks, Papa Dan, the Nike shoes are great. But I will always love my old shoes more. My “cheap” shoes are a testament to my wife’s abilities to stretch further our already-paper-thin budget, she is always able to buy everything that we need and then more. I swear it’s almost supernatural.

greenshoesthese shoes have travelled more than 300k already!


Posted November 18, 2009 by Barefoot Yayan in shoes

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