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Running, I think, is one of the most natural movements of the human body. I’m sure the survival of our species was quite dependent on our ancestors’ ability to run away from predators and their own wives and mother in laws.

As long as a person has two legs that can move at will, that person knows how to run. It’s just moving the legs a little faster than when walking, right? I have learned, after almost four months of running three to five times a day, the answer to this question is a tricky one.

1. Yes, because in essence, to serve it’s purpose of basically being somewhere else in the shortest time possible, running is walking quicker, with knees bent much like riding a bike. I run to catch that bus, that elevator or that job interview.

2. No, because I found it’s very difficult to maintain running like that for long distances. Every part of my body would start to hurt, then the pain would last for a couple more days.

I knew I wanted to know more. I searched through hundreds of pages worth of documents in the Internet, magazines and books; watched running videos about chi running and pose running; and bugged friends on what they do to improve their running. Although these had all been very useful, I am taking it one step further.

For three Sundays now, I have been joining the Runnex Running Clinic led by Coach Jojo. It’s in UP Diliman which is great because it’s really near our place and it’s such a great place to run. Nothing can beat running under the trees and with such a huge number of other runners.

Last Sunday’s clinic was extra special because my sister, Ate Jheng, joined me and Diwata. Here’s a bunch of our pictures. Aside from the drills on the pictures, we also ran 1k.


one of the “activation exercises” before the drills


DSC00155 DSC00156 DSC00154

drills using the speed ladder



some one-on-one instructions from coach Jojo


DSC00159 DSC00160DSC00161

a few laps on the training ladder to learn pace and form


DSC00168DSC00164  DSC00167   DSC00171DSC00170DSC00165

stretching to end the training day

We will be back next Sunday. Join us! The Runnex Running Clinic is held every Sunday at 5:45 AM. It’s free, everyone is very nice and it’s open to all runners regardless of age, fitness and skill level.

And yes, there’s lots of water. 🙂


Posted November 15, 2009 by Barefoot Yayan in running clinic

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