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I decided to map out my race running schedule for the next few months. I imagined I will be joining about 1 race per month since registration fees can be quite expensive (to the Urban Poor Runner) and, of course, to be able to set aside some quality time with the family as race days tend to be on Sundays.

So for now, here’s the list of races that I will be joining:

Nov 08, 2009 – Philippine International Marathon 5k

(Update: I ended up not being able to join the race. I’ll post something about what happened later.)

– Linked to the KulitRunner. I am already registered to this race but I have not received the race kit and singlet yet. I was told it should be available Nov 4. I’ll post pictures once I get them.

(Update: I ended up not joining this run. Read about it here. By the way, here are the pictures of the singlet.)

Nov 22, 2009 – Men’s Health Urbanathon 2009 10k

– Not really a marathon, more like an obstacle course! Doesn’t really count but I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. I am very interested to join this but I am having second thoughts because it’s quite expensive (P450!) and the registration is only accepted in The Fort which is really far. I still need to decide if the freebies included would justify the price.

(Update: I will not be joining this after all because I want to focus on the running clinic as much as I can. Maybe next year.)

Dec 20, 2009 – Philstar’s Celebrity Run 10k

Jan 10, 2009 – Mizuno Infinity Run Time Trials 15k

Feb 07, 2010 – Condura Run 21k

– Web site for previous run but I’m sure the next one will be very similar.

The distance categories for the above races were pre-chosen because I want to be ready for the 21k come Feb for the Condura Run where I will get to run on top of the Sky Way. Sweet!


Posted October 29, 2009 by Barefoot Yayan in marathons

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