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On some of my morning runs, I would run from our place to the Marikina Sports Plaza (would take about 30min so I guess that’s somewhere around 5k?) just to see how the place is doing. As everyone knows, Marikina is one of the most affected places when typhoon Ondoy hit.

Although the place is more or less clean (read: runable), many families that were displaced from their homes because of Ondoy are now being housed here. It’s very much like how Ultra is for those people in Pasig.



There’s still, of course, some mud around the track but the track itself was already cleaned. I’m guessing it’s because the city government wants to preserve the rubber material on the track because the mud might damage it.

 DSC00551 DSC00550

The Sports Plaza offices are now being used to warehouse the various relief goods for the typhoon victims. Many thanks to all those people who donated because the office is really full!

I don’t feel bad about not being able to run here yet; it’s being used for something a lot more important. I’m glad that God made a place like this for them. Yet, I still pray that they would soon be able to go back to their previous lives and I’m sure these people are praying the same.


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