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This is where I run:

It’s in Marikina, which is about 20 minutes away (commuting with regular traffic) from our apartment. The entrance fee is just P10 which allows one to stay as long as one wants inside the park. Using other facilities (like basketball courts, swimming pool, the gym, etc.) have separate charges but P10 is enough to get access to the track oval.

The track is covered with a red, springy, rubber-type surface which makes running less stressful to the body. I’m sure there’s a technical term for the material but I have no idea what it is. But It looks expensive. Hehe.. I also find that the surface helps in extending the life of my shoes, as compared to running on pavement, soil, gravel and asphalt which would be my only other option aside from running here.

A good number of people run here. I run here mornings (about 5am) and I already see many people running (the park is open 24 hours a day); there are children, students, professionals and many old folks. The levels of fitness with the runners are also very varied. From beginners to seasoned pros, you can find them running on the same track. I even see families running together. It really helps that the track has painted lanes (there are 6 lanes) on them to help manage the traffic of runners.

Although there seems to be an unwritten rule about the direction of running (counter-clockwise, I was actually scolded by one of the more mature runners because I was running clockwise even when there was practically nobody else running then), the position of the lane you run on is supposed to reflect your running speed (right lanes are for walkers or light runners going to the left lanes, which are for fast runners). Personally, I run on the second or third lane from the left.

Sadly, the park was affected really badly by the recent typhoon Ondoy. I am left to run on the streets again until the place gets fixed by the local government. But please no hurries! I would rather them focus on those families who lost their homes than on the sports plaza.

So now I’m now looking for other possible near places to run. Do you have any suggestions?


Posted October 5, 2009 by Barefoot Yayan in starting out

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