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July 2009, I decided that I would start running because, much like everyone else, I wanted to be healthy and lose weight. I was 5’6″ tall and 170 lbs heavy; more than 20 lbs overweight. My blood sugar was ok but my cholesterol level is really high (around the 200 mark). The back of my neck would ache almost every day and the pain would often wake me up at night. After climbing a good flight of stairs I could feel my heart beating like it wanted to beat me up. I was only 28 and I felt I was getting old fast.

Here’s a couple of picture of me and my daughter, Diwata. I was somewhere above 175lbs.

And here’s a side view of my gut :p

So I started running. Why running? Here’s a list of my reasons:

1. It’s cheap. I didn’t need to buy any special equipment, pay a trainer or enroll to any classes. All I needed were comfortable clothes, a pair of shoes I can run with and the open road.

2. See Number 1.

Combining running and a bit of control over my diet, in less than 5 weeks I lost 10 lbs. I was ecstatic. I didn’t expect results would show that quickly. Now after 2 months, I have maintained a 156 lbs weight. Yes, I still have about 10 lbs to go to reach my ideal weight but I’m sure that those remaining pounds would also come off soon. In the end, I guess how I feel is what counts. I have more energy, I am more alert, I am less irritable, my wife says I look better (which helps a lot with the confidence) and generally happier now. I find running to be a great way to relieve stress and get that “alone time” that I desperately needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of work, family and basically, just living. It’s like having mini-vacations a couple of hours a day, three to five times a week.


Posted October 3, 2009 by Barefoot Yayan in starting out

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